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Palm Harbor University Homecoming

The rain just wouldn't go away.

We always enjoy a few minutes to chat.

But we were committed to the kids and their special night.

Northward we headed ...

... as Steve lead the way!

Soggy, but patiently waiting for ...

... the clouds to break.

Eventually ... it happened!

The weather got better and our 'Vettes got the Flash Wax!

The teams took the field for practice!

Before we knew it, the girls made their way out to the field.

Ready for their big night.

The clock ticks down ...

... as the girls and their proud dads watched.

Soon they took their rides.

Steve had two girls.

Tom gets around.

Shannon takes her girl.

Joe with his gal.

Tami with her girl.

Ernie and his girl.

Larry with his girl.

Bill had the winner!

Mike and his gal.

Tom gets another rider.

Waiting for the word ...

... once more around.

Larry's sweet ride.

Mike's hot rod.

Tom was sure busy.

Steve on his second trip.

And Shannon takes the Queen! How fitting!

Did we mention we went for dinner, too! Fantastic food at the Red Fish Blue Fish Restaurant on Alt. 19. Gee, can you say Dine Out Night?