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... more 11th Annual 'Corvettes @ The Pier'

The SCA got up bright & early to pull this one off!

Barb, Kathy and Mitzi helping at the registration tables.

We had an awesome turnout despite Hurricane Ivan's bad attitude.

Ivan tried to scare us but it wasn't going to happen!

The mods came out to show off their stuff too.

Milton & Mike discussing plans for the day.

Larry got right to it helping raise money for Isaiah's Inn.

Corvettes seen from high atop The Pier.


A powerful message.

Taking time to grab a break in the shade.


Getting ready for the big finale.

The 'Pier's Choice' alongside one of the many awards.

A great big thanks goes out to each of you!
I'll definitely see you ALL next year!


Taking time to recognize those who help us make it all happen.

Before you knew it there were 'Vettes from all around this beautiful state!

George can park'em like no one else!

Mitzi, Mike & John seen working on the finer details.

Shannon, our show leader was as busy as they get.

We kept our fellow Floridians in our thoughts ... as we played.