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Shackton's Thursday Night's Show

The Shackton's Show, every Thursday night from 6-8:30 pm!



There were about 30 classics on hand for public viewing.







Just taking it easy ... I guess.


Mike was caught getting out the tools of the trade.

Bill seen here preparing his personal equipment.

George was REALLY talk'n it up!

Barb, relaxing with another member of the family.

John was all smiles ... as usual.

Rick was the first SCA member awarded.

Eli grabbed up Mike & Shannon's prize.

George admiring his new trophy.

And Bill also received a plaque for his hard work.

And here's the entire SCA prize pack!

The SCA came out to help support this fine local show!

George, Mike, Eli, Bill & Rick were all smileson this beautiful southern evening.

Mike & Rick, getting that SCA branding all set up.


Here's George talk'n it up.

Our engines are as clean as the outside and interiors.