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Shannon's Surprise SCA Birthday Party

We totally surprised the master sleuth!

What an awesome turnout!

Wall-to-wall SCA Members.

And the kids were very surprised too!

SPIDER-MAN 2, made their debut ...

... and had a swinging-good time!

Getting down to some menu business.








Carmino ... ready for the camera (or web?).

Everyone was having a blast.






Time for the gifts!


The SCA generosity was overwhelming.

The Birthday Girl!


It took about 1/2 hour to open them all.




Then the Canadian President, made an international phone call.
(Well, actually it was Bob & Judy in New Brunswick, Canada.)


Hmmm, where was I?

This was her first Surprise Birthday Party ... since she was 10.


Just one of many beautiful gifts.







The SCA sang the traditional Birthday song (er ... attempted to sing)!

The cake brought back those childhood memories.



Sally and others jumped right in to help serve that scrumptious treat!


Whew ... I thought they'd never leave!

As the party wound down ... ... we eventually meandered homeward.