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Corvettes in the Sunshine

A very nice cruise to the show up the 'Suncoast' Parkway.

Where's the beach?

We had super turn out of SCA Members & their 'Vettes!




How about that 'champion looking' engine?

Doc's taking it all in ... and even the current affairs.

More SCA splendor!

We caught Carol Ann eyeing up the raffle prize.

There were many door prizes to be on the lookout for.

Leeba, Ed & M.G. seen with big smiles.

Beautiful work on these rides too.







Ed, Roy & Bernie, at one of Roy's photo ops. ...

... yep, you guessed it, Roy won again!!

We enjoyed lunch at Crackers ... up U.S. 19.




And here are the other winners!

It was Ed's 70th birthday, so we celebrated!
Happy Birthday Ed!

Nice gift! ... now get shining those wheels!

Dennis & Pat won 2nd Place C5 ...

... congratulations to them!

Here's a close up of the label we replaced on Ed's birhday gift bottle of Windex!