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Annual Memorial Day SCA Picnic

Laying out the table cloths and getting everything ...

... ready for our big cookout!

Corky & Julie provided this year's 'heat.' Special thanks to them and Jack for taking on the grilling duties!

Mike, George & Carol spend time talking about the issues.

This year's door prize was incredible. Special thanks to Jack & Linda who contributed much of the $95 value on their own dime!

Before we realized it ...

... the food was cooked and being served.

Felice & Ed enjoy ...

... the selection of goodies

Just look at all the smiles ...

... a good BBQ ...

... will create!

Cis & Mike.

Joe, Kellie, Dave & Doris.

Tom, Mike & Jack man the grill.


Corky takes time to relax.

What a great turnout ...

... for this year's big picnic!

The youngin's had a great time ...

... with a few games of kickball.

Kristina, Madonna, Eli & Gabby enjoy the festivities.

Just like Happy Gilmore!


And the lucky winner is? ...

... Roy takes the grand prize. Congrats!




Jacob & Harry take their chances ...

... at our annual Bingo challenge.





Yes, even a baby gator came by for a visit.

Photo opps, to say the least.

Quack quack!

Time for the egg games.

Never trust these two.

Mark & Tami show us again, how it's done.

Our annual horseshoes tournament was once again riveting. No, really.

Roy throws.

Mike tosses ...

... tosses ...

... and tosses. Hey wait a minute! You only get two shoes!

Mark has form.

Roland has with style.

Roy has grace.

Last throw in this year's finale, and the score was tied 20-20! Can you believe this finish? Roland & Mike win, while Mike & Mark walk away proud to have lead by as much as 10 points, before squandering the game. Bummer.