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Peck's Restaurant Cruise

The SCA group comes together.

All lined up and ready to go!

Peg, Tom, Dave & Joe.

Corky & Julie arrive, and just in time.

Ernie lead the group.

Great road for our 'Vettes.

Hard right!

Downshift ... and then back on the gas!

This is going to be FUN, alright!

Before you know it, here we are!

Peck's Old Port Cove.

Doris, Dave & Kristina are deep into the menu.

All seated and waiting for the drinks.

Linda & Peg trying to decide.

Julie, what was Dave saying that was so funny?

Joe wondering what Kellie is going to order.

Here's a shot of some of the SCA's finest!

And yes ... we actually parked on the rough gravel.