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Holiday Lights Stroll & Dine Out!

Holiday Lights Stroll & Dine Out Night at McDonald's and Largo Central Park.

First it was ...

... time to eat! (gosh, you'd think that Mike has never eaten before!)

We filled ...

... the McDonald's like they've never seen before.



After our quick bite, we took on the idea of exercise ...

... after receiving direction from our fearless activities leader, Shannon.

The stroll through the park was fabulous.

The lights are well done there, on an annual basis.

Doc & Natalie.



A great shot of the tree.

And Old Glory.

After our stroll ...

... was gathered around for ...

... yep, you guessed it ... FOOD!

Our holiday tradition just wouldn't be complete without a box of Joe, fresh Duncan Donuts and great conversation!

Roland & Eli.

George & Carol.

Randy, Carolyn & Ken.

Mary Ann & Ben (Kellie's parents visiting from N.Y.) and Kellie.

Georgia, Linda and her daughter.

Joe & Kellie



Great light displays all throughout the park's pathways.






Big kid just had to get into the act ... Ring around the rosy ...

Cool holiday photo!









A perfect message for the holidays!

Gimme a Cup-O-Joe!

Did someone say DONUTS!

What a great group ...

... of people ...

... and what a great way to end the year!
God Bless you all and your families this holiday season!
And most importantly, be safe!
We look forward to seeing you all at our Annual SCA Meeting, Wednesday, January 3, 2007!