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NCRS Show & Swap-Meet '07

The weekend didn't start of so well for Mike's C4. Seen here on it's first of two flatbed trips. The second, after becoming stranded on pitch-black, I-4, while on the way over to Old Town, Friday evening after work ...

... so, Shannon tried to make things better with the brand-new C6s that were for sale, right next to Joe & Kellie's Flash Distributors' booth. 'Nice idea, but that ain't happening,' said Mike.

Kellie & Gabby take on the G's at Old Town's go-cart track. It really is very much like NASCAR if you've never been there before. Honestly.

Here are a few shots of Sunday's Corvette show.

There were some exceptional rides at the show.




Kristina, Gabby & Shannon enjoy the beautiful day & 'Vettes.


This newest hot rod will be making its rounds at ...

... all the upcoming shows.

You'll get to see this ride from all sides ...

... over and over again!

Here are some more shots.


This image completes our photo-bookends of piggy-back rides for this weekend. Except, this time several hot rods were hitching a ride together ... only, all of them are guaranteed to fire-up on the driver's command.