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1st Annual Pet Stop Benefit Show

Well, as it turns out, both FSTKARR's made it to this weekend's event!
Mike's C4 is now working like champ, with its new MSD Ignition system ... and the posted decals to prove it.

The day was absolutely perfect ... in the early going.

Look at the son just beaming off Bernie's and John's fine rides.

The gang enjoyed the great weather and good conversation, as always.

Mike & John chatting. It's great to see John out and about again!

Here's another view of our SCA Representatives.

And of course, you may have heard, there were many dogs at this great 1st annual charity event.

Obstacle courses and obedience school. Gee ... wouldn't that be a great idea ...

... for these cars and their drivers?

More pix of the dogs.



Steve & Sandy's baby, Perry, a Newfoundland.




Mike's coworker Ray & his wife Carol, came out to enjoy our rides and the dogs!

Bill takes home a trophy ...

... as does Mike!

Denny & Christine admiring thier prize.

Bernie ... another plaque for the trophy case!

Rick, proud to accept his award.

And John does it again!

Congrats to all our SCA Winners!
Rick, Christine & Denny, Bill, John, Bernie, Steve (not pictured), Michelle (also not pictured) and Mike.

Christine is all smiles, as she prepares to head home.

Rick provided these great images of the day. Thanks Rick!
Steve seen dancing with Jesse, Rick & Barb's baby.


Bernie & Mike checking out the C4's new stuff.


Just a great photo! What else can we say?

Time for some obstacle course work for Maxie, Steve & Sandy's Golden Retriever.

Barb with Jesse, and Steve & Perry.

Perry is big enough to drive a 'Vette, isn't he?

Mike, Lexi & Paul, with their beautiful new Greyhound, and Shannon.

Denny & Christine's ride.