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Troyer's Dutch Heritage Restaurant 'Vette Cruise

We meet at Kash N' Karry to begin our cruise southward.

We had incredible weather for a perfect journey.

Joe & Kellie excited, as always to ride!

We stopped just south of the Skyway to capture our 'Vettes in pixels to share with other Corvette enthusiasts.

Nice views.

More shots ...

... Wow, great fannies!

... a super front views!

Newest SCA Members David & Doris' ride.

Ron & Beth's.

Ed & Felice's.

Alan & Chelby's.

Tom & Kathy's.


John's, and right next to him was Ernie & Millie's.

Joe & Kellie's and to the right is Mike & Shannon's C5.

Now from the rear is David & Doris'.

Ron & Beth's.

Ed & Felice's.

As everyone gathered to watch those SCA Photographers.

Alan & Chelby's.

Tom & Kathy's.


Ernie & Millie's.


Mike & Shannon's.

Joe & Kellie's.

More shots of the good folks that make this club GREAT!

There must be something down there ...

John was happy to be along for the ride this year.

Yep ... there's definitely something down there. Told ya!

David & Doris were on their first event with the SCA.

Kellie out for a stroll.

Joe's ready to ride!

We arrived at Troyer's, right on time.

Joe just had to get under the hood ...

... as Ron helps with the targa top.

Time to ...

... EAT!

Steve & Sandy made it to the restaurant after all ... via digital technology.
And it was good to see Sandy at the dog show too!

Rick took these additional photos at dinner. Thanks Rick!