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St. Pete Grand Prix

Getting this shot of one of our two favorite race cars at around 140 mph ...
... just as it crosses in front of the Corvette pits!
Shouldn't this be the official event poster?

Jack was kind enough to stand in as an event usher.

Walmart-like at the races. The IRL store was pretty cool.

Views from track side.

Our SCA Volunteers did a fantastic job!

Ron Fellows' ride on display. Very nice!

The view from our Corvette Chalet.





The SCA, working it!

Ernie introduces Roc NCM Events Manager.

Millie wins a huge drawing ... hot laps in a race car! Can you say 140 mph, with lots of G's!

Two shows for the price of one. We got a free glimpse of the air show that was seen from our vantage point of the bay. Just spectacular!

Garage areas, very nice set ups.

Roland alongside or favorite signage!

Corvette Central! The 'Vettes garage areas are just like home.

Zipping along were our yellow hot rods.

What a cool TV screen. Wonder if I can get one of these from my neighborhood!

Go get that Porsche!

The Daytona 500's Pace Car was turned into the IMS Pace Car.

The owners, drivers and alike really live well in their RV park.

These two youngsters got into it!

The Corvette pits!

Great stuff! Cool technology. And sweet rides!

Oh yea!

Our drivers were definitely getting ready for the big race.

Time to get a few tweaks in ...

... before Saturday.

Nice. Which ours were as quick to work on.

Back at HQ.

Nice crowd, to be sure.

Bob & Tom were winners too!

Time to ...

... get ...

... on ...

... the ...


WOW! What a rush.

Taking the turns on St. Pete's streets at 30+ mph is sooooo cool!

Riding up against the wall. Oh my what a blast!

The Corvette pits from the track.

And the finish line!

Just super cool. That's about all I can say.

A pretty sweet view for the driver's.

Just like a video game. Except it's real, and the G's proved it.

Mike was living a dream!

Here's our final race to the finish.
Click here to watch the awesome video!

And the pace car proved we weren't dreaming.