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... more St. Pete Grand Prix

Jack took these super photos. Thanks Jack!
Here are some shots of the Corvette Corral on Friday.





Outside the Corvette Corral Chalet.

Georgia was selected to hold our beloved American flag!


Providing the hospitality to the guests.

A group shot with Ron Fellows (in white) and his ZO6!

A few great looks from the track.





Jack poses next to our favorite race car.

Roland & Mike enjoyed the day.

Ron Fellows & Ernie.

Ron & Georgia.

Ron seems pretty proud of his Corvette. That goes without saying.

Ron and the Corvette drivers sign autographs!

What a fabulous opportunity to get to meet the drivers.

Roland took these cool shots. Thanks Roland!
This IRL ride didn't quite make it through the weekend.

There's always time to dine.

A few more autograph session photos.




Good shot of Georgia, our flag ...

... and the Michelin Man!


The pits.


Proud, proud, proud!

In turn 2.





Mike & Alan.

More turn 2.



Mike and the signage.

BIG hauler.


Working the Chalet.


Nice work!

Nice detail on Ron Fellows' Corvette.