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Gators' Car Show

A tale of two views
... while on the quick ride to the caravan location.
But, you'll have to ask Mike about the experience.

Wow, we came out strong for this one!

Just look at all those fine SCA Rides!

Ron enjoyed his cozy seat.

SCA 'Vettes ...

... gleaming in the sunshine.

Milton and Tyler check out all the cars on display.

More SCA ...

... HOT ...


Roy's toys ... next to the Blue Demon.

Who IS THAT? Shannon, is that really you?

Shade ... oh, what a beautiful thing it is!

Joe was out for a cool ride!

Here's lookin' at ya!

Great hot rods ...

... were seen everywhere.

Many bikes came out for the show too.


An absolutely beautiful location.

Joe & Kellie's 'Vette just pop in out of no where. That's just amazing, considering they were in Tennessee promoting their entire Flashwax line at the NCCC show!

Mmmm, time for some air conditioning and beer!
George & Roy!

Carol & Mike ... all smiles.

Ron & Shannon.

Charlie's daughters wanted to spend this special day with dad!

What a bike. Check out the detail and the theme.


Tom wins the 50/50 for $111!
Tom donated $50 back to the troop donation!

What a crowd!

Our newest members take home the awards, too!
Mike Trevino.

Gary White.

Harry Greenblott.

Mickey takes a trophy for Roy's 'Vette ...

... and Roy takes home the prize for his SSR!

Jack's grandson was eager to help with the acceptance of their trophy.

The SCA won Club Participation and the $500 grand prize for 40+ registered!
We made it all happen with a lot of hard work, promotion & determination.
Congratulations to all of you who were able to come out a participate in this fantastic showing of club spirit!
We thank you!!

Randy took these nice photos of our SCA hot rods. Thanks Randy!