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Annual Field Trip SCA Meeting

After our a abbreviated meeting, we got the low-down on the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum.

The owners are extremely knowledgeable. The museum's premise revolves around front-engine/front-wheel and rear-engine/rear-wheel designs ... only.

Everyone listened with great intent to get all ...

... the details about each of the 'special' cars on display.

All of the cars are imported and have been, or are being, restored to their exact originality.


I don't believe I've ever seen this group so studious.

Wow, you could hear a pin drop.


John, (Mark Pier Show participant who tracked us down) and Milton.

Bernie was all over the details.

Mike (who apparently lost his razor at Boy Scout summer camp) was amazed by the perfection and concept of the museum.

All cars displayed are from various parts Europe.

I believe we've gone 'Back to the Future'!


Such incredible workmanship to get these cars back to the way the were when the first hit the street.


Just super work, all the way ...

... down to the very finest detail.

Gorgeous examples of history and craftsmanship in Europe.

Just a beautifully display & building.

Tom really enjoyed what the museum has to offer.

Early 'Vette?

Milton and the rest of us were ...

... just in awe.