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SCA Sunset Beach Cruise

We started the evening at Winn Dixie parking lot and cruised to dinner at Leatherbacks on Madeira Beach.

The evening was still very young, but it appears Roland may have been tipping just a bit early?

He easily won the silliest photo of the night award.

After dinner we cruised to visit Roy. With that many hot rods ...

... either Roy was going to be amazed or his neighbors were going to freak out!

Roy couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Everyone was looking forward to saying hi ...

... and checking out his HUGE garage!

We're pretty sure Roy's surprise visit set a record for the most Corvettes in his neighborhood at one time.

Then we were off to the Hurricane at Pass-A-Grille.

What a perfect evening. We enjoyed smiles, laughter and ... you guess it, a couple adult beverages.

A little romance was seen too. The beach and a beautiful sunset will do that. Here's Randy & Carolyn.

Chris & Vera take a seat at the bar.

Shannon ... this smile's for you Roy!

Ron having a good time ...

... as was Joe.

Kellie loves to have her picture taken. This was #2 of 2.

Linda & Jack.

Georgia loves sunset cruises.

Cis takes the opportunity to ... 'Strike a Pose.'

Tom ... say Cheese Danish!





Roland ... haven't you had enough Crown, yet?

Newest member Mike Pierce.

At was a gorgeous opportunity to sail ... just ask these guys.

Jammin' band.

Mike snaps this shot from his viewpoint ... while everyone sang happy birthday!

The cruise back home was indeed fun ... as usual. And there weren't any cops to be found either!

Jack took these stellar photos. Thank you Jack!

Here's a look at the outside of Leatherbacks.



Super photos of everyone inside the restaurant.

This is the group you want to watch out for.

Chris & Vera.

Might want to keep your eye on this crew, too.

Cherie, Jerry, Anita & John.

Roy's surprise visit.



What an awesome photo of our proud group. Well done!

Time to party on the rooftop!

Kathy, Linda & Cis.

A table for SCA!

Good conversation all around.

Cool shot! Ronnie & Bill.

And the sunset was ...

... superb!