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14th Annual 'Corvettes @ The Pier' - The Trophies

C1 Top Three
Donald & Sherry Kessel - NCRS
Rich Garber - Venice Florida Corvette Club

C2 Top Three
Brad Fales - Venice Florida Corvette Club
Jim & Phyllis Mcloughlin - Corvettes on The Gulf
Sonny & Jill Wells - No Club Affiliation

C3 Top Three
Minnow & Bertha Robichaud - Nature Coast Corvettes
Andy Loose - Gulf Coast Corvette Club
Glenn & Christine Kirtley - Venice Florida Corvette Club

C4 Top Three
Joe Raccuglia - Bay Area Corvette Club
Joe & Donna Circelli - Corvettes on The Gulf
Mark Cable - No Club Affiliation

C5 ('97-'00) Top Three
Albert & Heather Corsetti Jr. - Tampa Bay Vettes
Don & Tammie Gursky - No Club Affiliation
Mike Cherico - Tampa Bay Vettes

C5 ('01-'04) Top Three
James & Star Hildebrand - Bay Area Corvette Club
Debbie & Joe Bohanon - No Club Affiliation
Curt & Carolyn Norton - Venice Florida Corvette Club

C6 Top Three
Wes & Linda Treo - No Club Affiliation
Lee Catalfomo - Tampa Bay Vettes
Bill & Trisha Crabb - Tampa Bay Vettes

Custom-ized Top Three
Charles & Patricia Cooke - No Club Affiliation
Rick & Charlene Emmons - Good Guys
Wayne & Denise Shultz - No Club Affiliation

Picturizit's Favorite
Michael & Deborah Ferrera - No Club Affiliation

Pier's Choice
Jim & Christine Pelletier - No Club Affiliation

Shannon, Georgia & Mike make the award presentations.

Congratulations to ALL the winners and a HUGE thank you to all Suncoast Corvette Association members who helped make this another super success! We would also like to be sure to thank all of our sponsors for their fantastic support of our premiere event and to Matthew Noyes for once again sponsoring the this year's trophies! And lastly, The Pier for their 14th commitment to the SCA.

We now look forward to seeing everyone back here next year for the SCA's 15th Annual 'Corvettes @ The Pier' Show!


























Pier's Choice trophy winner Jim & Christine Pelletier.
Jim poses with their '82 Silver Green Original and prize trophy.