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Pinellas Park Homecoming

We met briefly at the Kash N' Karry and then wheeled down 66th St. in the world's shortest caravan to PPHS.

Immediately we began to wipe'em down.



Soon the food was delivered and ready ...

... for our hungry SCA Tummies.

Our SCA 'Vettes ...

... 13 strong ...

... looked fantastic!

The game was now well underway. And as the minutes in the first half slowly ticked away, we took the opportunity to enjoy ...

... those built-in leather recliners ...

... they really came in handy.

But, soon it was time.

We shared the game plan ...

... loaded our prize passengers, and were off!
Some how, not sure how, but Mike got in front of Shannon, to lead our parade of SCA Corvettes.

Shannon and her guest.

Carolyn and hers.

Cathy and her passenger.

Joe with hers.

Tom and her girl.

Julie takes her turn.

Bob brings her gal.

Ron takes his girl.

Milton with his temporary date.

Ed knows homecoming.

And we went back around for another turn ... or two.



Shannon takes the '07 PPHS Queen!







The student body really enjoyed our display and annual help.

Harry brings his girl around for everyone to cheer her on.




George and his gal.





Milton takes it home.
Thank you to all of you who were able to help with this year's homecomings!