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SCA Halloween Party 2007

We all met at the Elk's in disguise, for the first of our two annual parties of the season.

Mr. & Mrs. Clean helped keep things orderly.

The One Night Stand and her Pimp sitting with The Scarecrow and Dorothy (I always knew there was something going on between them).


Two ... yes, TWO beautifully decorated cakes ...

... helped to complete the party's festivities.


Soon it was time to get down!


Cis, Shannon and Walt & Cathy.

Karen getting into the swing.

Bunny shakes it on the dance floor.

Lady Luck and Wonder Woman strut their stuff.


Oh my! ... somebody's been a bad girl! Alan & Chelby and their spank dance.

Our DJ's ran a few games this year. This one separated the best of the best, with trivia about the guys and gals ...

... and apparently Tom knows his women.

Another game like passing the hot potato, it was time to pass ...

... the kitty.

After the music stopped ...

... we had a winner from each table. Congrats to all of the winners.

Then it was time to swing it ...

... check out Tom and his 'dog moves!'

More dancing ...

... from Milton & Gisela ...

... Julie & Corky hit the dance floor, too.

Roxanne & Roy were 'burin' up' the joint.

Bernie & Lucy, Carol & George (always clownin' around).

Ed & Felice ... RRRRR!

Old Superman Roland with our SCA Pimp Ernie.

Bob and his gal enjoying the night.

Bar tending rocks!

Millie & Ernie.

Kathy & Tom.

Hugh Hefner (Mike) and his Playboy Bunny (Shannon).

As always, the Elk's did a super job with the buffet.


The Man of Lead (Roland) & Wonder Woman (Georgia).

Lady Luck (Cis) & High Roller (Mike).

Passing the kitty, Bob, Nancy & Linda.

I started to sweat as soon as Roy & Roxanne walked in the door. Maybe I should be worried?

More dancing ...

... it was Y.M.C.A. time!

Poor puppy.

Kathleen & Tom.

Walkers welcome.

Corky & Julie.

David & Doris.

Randy & Carolyn.

And to that 'end' we managed to 'wedgie' in another great Halloween Party ... it was just a real 'blast!'