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Ferman Show

Meeting at McDonald's was in the plans ...

... what wasn't in the plans was the chill in the air.

But soon we were there ...

... and chillin' out in the shade. Brrrr!

Oh my! Where's Jerry when you need him? ...

... he wouldn't believe the size of this blower.
I wonder if it's made of wood like his?...

... Nah, I see the hole in the hood.





Mike's dream car ...

... and Ed's too.

Time for a quick nap? Nah, Millie was just getting out of the sun and relaxing in the leather recliner.

Ernie & Millie's C6.

Georgia's sweet C3.

Mike & Cis'.


Bob's new ride ...

... and from the front.

Doc & Natalie's.



What the?

Yep ... it's a real warning sign alright. Now that's a lot of French Dips for lunch!








There goes ANOTHER satisfied Flash customer!













Tom showed up in his two-wheeler.

Ernie makes the NCM 1-year membership drawing ...

... and Goldie wins!

Jerry & Cheri win 2nd place in the Modified Class.

Here's a close up shot of their trophy. Congrats to both of them!