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July Dine Out Night! & 'Vette Show

Many SCA Members were able to dodge the crazy weather!
... even though some others in S. Pinellas weren't as lucky.

Doc deep in conversation.

A beautiful shot, as ominous clouds formed to the south.

Rick, Barb & Linda having a great time together.

Several of Bay Area's members were able to make the show with the SCA!




There's no doubt, John was all smiles.

Ed & Len enjoyed the Dine Out Night & 'Vette Show combo.

Bill was quite focused.

Tom captured the evening on film.

A great photo of Rick & Barb ...

.. and this one of Betsy.

Great looking 'Vettes were seen by many at the Steak n' Shake.


The crowd gathered.

Tom enjoyed the evening ...

... all the way to the end of the night.

A view from a far ... 27 'Vettes in all.



Mmmm! ... time to eat!


Everyone thoroughly checked out those rides.


Another nice cream puff!

We filled the parking lot ... and then some.

SCA Members chatted away the night.

What a nice collection of Corvettes!




Hmmm, it appears that ... 'Trouble' rides in packs of three!

Once twilight fell on our destination, it was time to part ways.