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SCA Christmas Party 2007

David, Doris, Linda, Jack, Kathy & Tom.

Corky, Julie, Gisela & Milton.

Now that's a bowl of salad!

Jeanette, our bartender, does it again! Wow!

Julie made this incredible cake, a Rice Krispy treats Christmas tree as well as delicious delectable delights.

Our DJs really rocked the house at times, for both year's Halloween and Christmas Parties!

Intently watching those SCA Dancers ...

... Chris & Bill.

Mike & Georgia cut a rug.

Mike, Roxanne, Gisela, Milton & Roy.

Shannon & Jerry.

Bob & Susan.

Mike looks on as Tami attempts to hide from the lens.

After a few Stroll lessons ...

... we were good to go ...

... and go ...

... and go ...

... on ...

... and ...

... on ...

... boy, could we go ..

... go ...

... and go some more!



Get down Bob!

George was definitely having a good time!

Group dancing was a hit.

Special thanks to Jeanette our bartender, and Aurora with her super team! Fabulous!!

After the right coaxing (and that doesn't take much) Mike was back at ...

... his usual striptease performance.

Corky & Julie.

Susan & Bob.

Kellie & Shannon (... hmmm?) and Doris & David.

Mark & Tami on the dance floor.

Julie & Corky.
We also celebrated Corky's birthday. Happy Birthday Corky!

A look at all our SCA Dancers.

Shannon & Mike.

David & Doris.

And another look at all those dancers.

Linda & Jack.

Kellie takes a breather from the dance floor.

Carol & George.



Roy & Roxanne.

Mike, Georgia & Shannon prepare the doorprizes.

Milton with his favorite choice ...

... as Carol grabs up the '63 Split Window commemorative lamp.

Aurora & Mike ... have the last dance.