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Tires Plus Car Show

Bernie & Lucy's sweet ZO6.

Ed's fine C5.

George & Carol's beautiful C4.

Welcome back George! ... with Bernie & Tom.

Georgia's awesome C3.

The gang!
Front Row: Gisela, Milton, Bernie, Tom, Carol, Ed, George and Felice
Back Row: Linda, Jack, Mike, Cis, Bob, Kathy, Nancy, Georgia, Roland and Randy.

Our SCA Rides ...

... one more time!

Jack & Linda's gorgeous C5.

Mike & Cis's hot C5.

Milton & Gisela's fabulous C2.


Bob wipes down is hot rod C6.

Tom & Kathy's speedy C6.

Mike & Cis grab up a trophy to take home.

As does Tom & Kathy!

Bernie ginning ear to ear!

Carol accepts one for the Schuster's!

And Jack accepts the SCA's Cub Participation trophy & $50 dollar prize!
Congrats to the SCA & it's committed members!