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... more SCA Halloween Party 2008

Mike, Linda & Cis.

What an awesome costume and Cha Cha girl!

Ed & Felice. Ed looks like he's a little 'too' comfortable in ladies' attire.

Carol makes a pretty good Marilyn Monroe.

George, thank goodness Indy never had this much trouble with his whip!

June as the Scarecrow.

Rays fan & Archie Bunker.

Ron Fellows & Johnny O'Connell.

They really got the rock thing down good.

Elvis has a friend, Jeanette.

Jeanette & her mom.

Yo lil'mamma!

What a site to see.

Time for a little slow dancing.

Carol & George.

Roy & Roxanne.

Ernie & Millie.

Kathy & Tom.

I wonder what the ref thought about THAT pitch?

What a crew!

Bob & Liz.

Carol & George.

Corky & Julie.

Ed makes a nice looking Lady.

How do they come up with their great ideas?

I have no Idea what is going on here.

Wha? Is that Elvis?

Is that Pam & Cindy.

Joe & Kelly.

Julie's incredible cakes.

Kellie, Joe & Ron are greeted at the door.

Kid Rock & Magnum have a drink.

Let the party begin!

Linda all decked out!

Linda and Carol discussing the costumes.

Magnum PI & Super Girl.

Pam & Kid Rock, what a couple!

Roland as Kid Rock (trouble the tape).

Roy & Roxanne arrive.

Second Place winners.

Here are the Best Costume awards.

Third Place winner. Cis.

Second Place winners. Millie & Ernie.

First Place winners! Ed & Felice.