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SCA Christmas Party 2008

Ed & Felice.

Mike & Shannon.

Linda & Jack.

Roland & Georgia.

George & Carol.

Jeanette and her mom.

Thanks to Julie for another incredible dessert table.


Cis & Mike.

Doris & Dave.

Julie & Corky.

Rosemary & Bill.

Madonna & John.

Gisela & Milton.

Bob with his gal.

Dave & Phyllis.

Cis & Georgia.

Tom & Kathy.

Anita & John.

Bob & Liz.

Cherie & Ken.

Lucy & Bernie.

Mike & Jack get the

Ed, first in the order.

Cis with her infamous card. BUT, she had a great heart about the fun we poked at her.

It's time to open those presents!





Time to dance.

Easy now!

Jeanette's mom shows us how it's done.



Jeanette knows bartending! We just LOVE her!

Rosemary & Bill hit the dance floor.

Cherie & Ken make some moves, too.

Mike & Shannon.


Ed & Felice are all smiles, as usual.

Tom & Kathy enjoying themselves.

Susan & Bob certainly having fun, too.

Julie & Corky.

What is that?! Never mind, we DON'T want to know.

Bob & Liz.

Bernie & Lucy, our longest married couple. As the competition revealed.

Phyllis & Dave.

Did I mention how we LOVED the bar?

Cis gets into it.