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The SCA Goes Bowling!

Well, there's no question about it, Bob's done this before ...

... but, I believe Liz taught him how to bowl!

Linda lends a gentle hand.

Gabby is a natural.

And here are Corky & Julie ... a couple of real naturals, too!

The SCA looks good at 'Vette shows. But we fit right in around here too, with those shirts!

Did someone say, 'Strike?'

Mike watches on intently.

Georgia & the club's resident pro bowler.

Roland, stick to your day job.

Ed's got form!
And from this photo, you'd never know it was a gutter ball!
Unless I just told you, that is. Shhh!

Lucy & Bernie enjoy a rare bowling event with the SCA.
This is only our second bowling outting in 5 years.

Bob lets it go, while Jack get's ready to do the same.

Bowling Etiquette 101:
Wait for the bowler alongside your lane to finish, before you roll.

It's all about form ...

... and the follow-through!

Linda has been paying attention ... as usual.

Kristina is also a quick study.

'Ehem, excuse me!' ...

... 'Someone with a Corvette left their lights on!' ...

... 'Now that I have your attention!'

You show'em how it's done, Gabby!

Kristina & Gabby enjoyed their bowling games ...

... as did this fine group of rollers.

And the winner is?

As our games wound down ...

... the food festivities at Wing House were just about to get underway!