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Muscle Car City Cruise

Heading down to Muscle Car City in Punta Gorda, hooking up with Bay Area, Gulf Coast and another club from Jacksonville along the way.
And away we went!

Amassed, we collected more than 70 'Vettes when we reached our destination!

It was rainy, but only for a short time.

What a view!






Kellie, is this a whip cream eating contest or something?

Dave & Doris.

Andy Loose and Joe.

Corky & Julie.

Georgia gave this poor dummy quite a thrill! But, I don't think he could appreciate it ... too bad for him.

Wow, check out this '68.

Very nice, indeed.



All GM's and only GM's on display ...

.. with 'Vettes ...

... absolutely ...


... you ...


Wow, what a great trip and day!

Bob & Liz Bryce provided these addition images.
Thank you!