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... more Muscle Car City Cruise

Some of SCA's finest gather.

Bar Area Arrive to join us.

Waiting for departure time.

Joe checking out the shine on some of Bay Area's cars.

We meet the south group (after Jack took a slight detour).

A few of Gulf Coast or Shyways great looking 'Vettes.

We arrived at Muscle Car City.

Everyone greeting new friends before we entered the building.

It sure was impressive to watch all these Corvettes pulling in.

The beginning of the tour of C1's.

EVEN MORE C1's, unbelievable.

This is the start of it all, big difference in an LS7.

Nice group of C2's I countered 14 big block 67's alone.

Yet more C2's Big Block 66 coupes and roadster ..

Part of the group trying to figure out what Georgia (not in picture censured) was up to.

Liz, Corky, Julie, Millie, Ernie and Linda.

You will need to ask Kellie what she was doing to the whip cream in the shake.

Lunch Break and the food was very good.

After lunch we started with the C3. The second car is a ZL1.

The all aluminum ZL1 1 of 3.

GS Reproduction, but still nice.

Georgia & Linda enjoying all there was to see.

Phyllis admiring a Grand Sport roadster.

On to the Camaro's ...

... and a few more Camaro's.

The newest addition to this collection.

How about a few GTO's.

Here comes the Judge.

There were some real nice 55 56 and 57's to look at.

Black Beauty duel quad 57.

Liz lost Bob and needs a little help.

A 427 C5R motor in this Camaro, 1 of only 2 with an automatic.

Oh yes, let's not forget the 442's!

One of my all time favorites (I know it is not a 'Vette) 409 425 4 speed 62 Bellair Coupe.

The last ones to leave stopped for a quick photo op.

Group 1.

Group 2.

After a fun day, it is time to head for home.