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16th Annual 'Corvettes @ The Pier' - The Corvettes

All set up and glimmering in the sun.

We provide the gorgeous setting ... and they will come.

Awesome. What more can we say?



A shot down the south side of The Pier.




50th Anniversary reflecting the sun's rays, oh so sweetly.



'Vette enthusiasts everywhere, and their rides displayed so well.




Mmmm. I love it!





A shot back down the south side. Andy's 'Vette works with the clear skies.



Now it's down the back stretch looking toward the north.



The more we walk, the more you just wished the view and this day would never end.




The Pier's favorite. Axel & Birgit Jasiek's fine custom Corvette.






Minnow's sweet machine.


C1's. I'm in love!

Jim couldn't stay the entire day, be we appreciate him bring out his C4, once again!

But with contrast we must come to appreciate, the rain showed us how the sun's rays were welcomed for almost the entire day.

C3 Big Block heading home.

Dan and Diane from BACC her their real nice C2.

Is that the sun.

Time to start the drying.

One bad Z06.

Show is over this week see you next year.

Time to head home.

Time to say good-bye. But we're already looking forward to seeing you all next year!