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16th Annual 'Corvettes @ The Pier' - The Trophies

C1 Top Three
Rich Garber - No Club Affiliation
George & Chickie Crane - Bay Area Corvette Club
Lance & Debby Obst - Bay Area Corvette Club

C2 Top Three
Dan & Diane Kirckconnell - Bay Area Corvette Club
Paul Smith - NCRS
Allan Paneblanco - Bay Area Corvette Club

C3 Top Three
Charlie & Patricia Schlau - Tampa Bay Vettes
Ray (Minnow) & Bertha Robichaud - No Club Affiliation
Paul Oliver - No Club Affiliation

C4 Top Three
Joe Circelli - No Club Affiliation
Leonard Libersher - Corvettes On The Gulf
Jerry Paradise - Corvette Club Of Marion County

C5 ('97-'00) Top Three
Carl & Rose Hewitt - Corvettes On The Gulf
Don & Martha Ondrejcak - Tampa Bay Vettes
Leonard Libersher - Corvettes On The Gulf

C5 ('01-'04) Top Three
Leonard Libersher - Corvettes On The Gulf
Curt & Carolyn Norton - Venice Florida Corvette Club
Roy & Linda Wheeler - No Club Affiliation

C6 Top Three
Dan Quicci - Bay Area Corvette Club
Thomas Ward - Tampa Bay Vettes
Sal Cerniglia - No Club Affiliation

Custom-ized Top Three
Bob Cooke - No Club Affiliation
Arthur Weise - Flagler County Corvette Club
James & Maria Parker - Venice Florida Corvette Club

SCA People's Choice Top Three
Milton & Gisela Johnson
Scott Lasco
Shannon Karr

Best Club Participation - Tampa Bay Vettes

Pier's Choice
Axel & Birgit Jasiek - Skyway Corvette Club

A close up of this year's plaque design.

Mike begins the presentations.

All were anxiously waiting to hear their name called out. What a difficult job the judges had, once again this year. As far as we're concerned, they're ALL winners.
Wow, what a great collection of fine rides from all over Florida!

Presentations ...

... presentations ...

... and more presentations! A total of 27 in all! That is nearly 1 trophy for every 4 'Vettes.

A happy couple.

One for Bay Area Corvette Club.

Bay Area takes a second trophy.

Everyone is gathering for the awards.

Minnow and Bertha win again this year.

Bay Area takes a third trophy. And earned a total of 5 trophies, out of 5 registered BACC 'Vettes.
Batting 1,000%, Bay Area Corvette Club, well done!

One picture but three trophies in three different classes, judge by three different sets of judges ... wow, that ain't easy! Congrats to Leonard!

Sal continues his winning ways.jpg

Winning is nice.

Milt and Gisela win a trophy in the special SCA class voting.

Scott gets an award in the SCA class.

Shannon proudly shows her award.

Tampa bay Vettes win club participation.

And now it's time to let the rest of the holiday weekend begin!