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'Vette Fest IV

The special weekend started Thursday afternoon for Shannon, Mike, Gabby, Joe & Kellie.

Spending a few hours getting their rides ready for the big show!

Friday morning soon came and so did Dave & Phyllis for the caravan over to Old Town.

Bye-bye Tampa!

Almost there!

We made it!

Ho-down themed and ready to PARTY! Mike & Shannon fit right in with their look.

We staked off our claim on the eastside of the pool.





Ed, what'cha gonna do with all those beers?

What a line up!

Get down!

Ray & Eliane cut it up!


Ed & Felice.

Julie & Corky.

Ray poses as, The Captain!

Corky gets started on that monster Cuban. Wow!

Kathy & Tom show us grace on the floor.

Bob & Felice.

Elaine & Ray ... flyin' high with the Capt'n!


Our very own Ho-down gals!

And who's the turtle? ...

... it's JULIE!

Awe, how cute! Ye haw!

The water was PERFECT!

The party's just about over. Time to hit the 'hay' and get ready for the big show!

Here it is, time to show off our stuff! Lined up ready to pull in.

Old Town never looked so good.

Shade, where's the shade?

Never fear, the big tree was near!

Shannon & Kathy.

Can you say? 'HOLY COW!'

Yes, there's always time for lunch.

Mike's Blue Demon shining all over the place.

Joe know's polish. Check out Frankie!

Corky & Julie's hot rod looking darn special.

All Shannon's work paid off!

Dave & Phyllis' sweet C5. What more do we need to say?

Mike must's spent 2 hours under the hood. The people behind him told him he had a lot of work to do. Gee, what more motivation do you need?

'Nuff said. Looking clean and refreshed for Silver Springs, now!

Nearly 24 hours later, Corky, how are we doing on that Cuban?

Did we mention food anytime in our previous photos?

Well, we gotta eat don't we?

Joe also knows pizza! I mean, he's Italian. And if that isn't enough, he's also from New York!

Oh yeah. Party on!