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... more 'Vette Fest IV

The sun is starting to go down.

Time to relax.

A few of us went off to see the old cars at Saturday car show over at Old Town.

First impression from a car buff view. Nice. Second thought, 'Vette guy ... I hope nobody sees me taking this photo.

Frankie, where are you, I found you're friend!


There must have been 2 thousand on-lookers!

Very sweet.

Chrome, got some?




Yep, got chrome!

AMX. Sweetness from the past.




Here's one for Eli. He love's the VW buses. Just ask him about it sometime.

Wings. Got wings. This DeSoto sure does.

Flames for all.

Mmmm. That's just a cool piece of history.

Herbie. There you are!

Eli, here's another bus!

Oh yeah!

Bad Caddy!


Falcon with get-up-and-go!

Yep, got chrome!

Holy Edsel!

Got chocolate? I can just taste it.

Sweetest 457 in the bunch!


Let's roadster!

Nomad heaven.

The band took a break. Darn they were good!

Nice touch of chrome.

The Green Goblin.

Time to head back to the hotel and start the SCA's private pool party.

A nice dip back in the pool.

Roy & Roxanne and family joined us for our SCA shin-dig!



Wow, what a great SCA turnout!

Well done folks!

For those of you who weren't about to make it this year, we look forward to seeing you all here next year.



The party is winding down.

Yep, we're now back in familiar surroundings.

Hello Tampa!