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October Dine Out Night!

Ah ... what to order?

Bill must have made an interseting statement?

Corky knows what he wants to eat. Just waiting on Julie and Shannon.

Earth to Roy ... are you there?

Shhh. Ernie and Roland, talking behind Millie's back.

Harry & Jake.

I have heard of air-guitars, but is Sue showing us an air-camera?

Just waiting for dinner.

Millie deep in thought. Or, is she wondering what Ernie and Roland were saying?

Roxanne is hoping this conversation is all about Bill's 'Vette noses over ... and not about a plane going down.

Ray visiting an other table. Hey, what's up with that?!
Joe, is that permited in the SCA's By-laws?

She did it! No, HE did it!

This group seems to be enjoying themselves.

When three women get together ... stay away.
If you know what's good for you, that is.

Shhh. Now listen, here's what we're gonna do to win best costume at the SCA Halloween Party, next week. I'll be Frankenstein and you'll be my bride. Okay? Shhh. Don't tell anyone.

Newest members Sue & Bob. Welcome!