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Pier Show

Ed was The Man! ... on this fine day!

Sam's car was like glass!

Geo was happy to pose next to his 'beaut.

Despite the threatening weather, the passerby's were plentiful.

Len & Linda's triple-black C5, poised to perfection.

Bernie & Lucy's ZO6, spectacular.

All the polishing called for some refueling.

George was serious about getting that shot.

Scott casually stands beside his asphalt eater.

It was a great day for the SCA ...

The pelicans & seagulls had many awesome targets.


Here's a fine Stingray representative.

There were some other fine rides beside our 'Vettes.


The gang anxiously waited for their registration number.


Geo takes a trophy ...

Then Bernie ...

It's George's turn ...

Scott is next ...

Len & Linda take a proud stroll ...

Geo, Sam and Scott looking over the prizes.

And here's The Man!

Ed took top 'Vette honors! Best Corvette!

Gabby was all smiles as FSTKARR's representative.

Smile for the birdie!

We can't do anything without making it ... a Dine Out Night.