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SCA Halloween Party 2009

Our Annual SCA Halloween Party was a real monster mash!
Doors opened at 6. And as always, the line followed in.

Milton & Gisela as Frankinstein and his lovely wife ... flat-out scary!

We even had breakfast for dinner! Ernie & Millie proved to be winners once again in this year's costume challenge!

Mike & Shannon (Here's Johnny!)

Congrats to each of this year's Halloween costume contenst winners.

1st Place
Milton & Gisela as Frankenstein and his Beautiful Bride

2nd Place
Ernie & Millie as Bacon & Eggs (Sunnside up and a little runny, please.)

3rd Place
Mike & Shannon as French Maid & Jack Torrance, the caretaker from the Shining

Let the party begin!








































As always, Jeanette & her mom showed us what it is to have a good time.