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... more SCA Halloween Party 2009


Batt Masterson Watt Werp Miss Kitty beats me.

Beacon & Eggs. Mmmm!

Bikers ...

... in the house!

Bob, Nancy and Tom.

Breakfast is served!

Carol, Georgia and Linda.

Father Roy and Sisiter Roxanne came to watch over us.

Good food.

Guess who?

Harry & Lynn, first timers.

Kristina, as Alice in Wonderland & Matt came as Hercules.

Kath & Tom, as Florida's finest.

Our D.J., just aping around!

Linda & Jack, pirates. Oooo, I'm real scared!

Georgia & Roland. Need Progressive insurance, anyone?

Cis & Mike, parnter!

Roxanne & Roy. I'm feeling safe now.

Lynn, as wickedness & Harry, the good chef.

Mike, as Jack Torrance (Here's Johnny!) & Shannon, as Frenchy!

Bob & Nancy. More sightseers.

Carol, as Miss Florida Senior & George. I see a pattern here.

Millie & Ernie. What a natural pair! Who's hungry?

Corky, as hockey's finest & Julie, her whitchiness.

Hey, where's the food? ...

... 'Oh damn, I shouldn't have dropped the ladle in there! Oh well, they'll never know.'

Bob & Susan. Our resident Corvette Bikers!

Cis & Georgia show us a thing or two on the dance floor.

Millie leads the way!

Jeanette and her mom know how to bartend!

Joe & Kellie. Meow!


Y ...

... M ...

... C ...

... A!


I understand they hire out!

Need I say more?

The bar is open!

Can we have breakfast for dinner tonight?


'Vette-Bikers RULE, dudes!


Has anyone seen Billy the Kid? I've got a beef to settle with him!


This must be important SCA Business.

Hey Ray! ...

... awe now why did you have to go and do that, Elaine?