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Holiday Lights Cruise & Dine Out!

We started out at a plethora of fast-food joints strewn all over. Mike & Gabby had Mickey D's in Largo.

As we gathered at the BK parking lot, so did the blasts of cool winds. Holy cow! Hey Bob, was it just windy at your house too?




Who's cold and wants to get in their convertible! Jack? 'Ah, this is nothing. Try this at 32 degrees with the top down!'

Roy & Roxanne's new fine ride! 2000 red/black convertible. Congrats!
Be sure to ask Roy where his old C4 is headed. Be afraid, be very afraid.


Ready? ... let's roll!

Heading into Georgia & Roland's neighborhood.

We spin around in the cul-de-sac ... speaking of which ... WOW, look at the size of THOSE 'ornaments.'

And then there was the gang to greet the SCA. Georgia, Cis, Mike & Roland.
Roland once again takes his traditional photo opp. and always gives a good 'Crowning.' Love it!

Mike says hi!















Elvis lives here!





All the way up there. Wow, who needs Rockefeller Center?


Gabby sends a special holiday <3 for you!

Gabby stands next to what reminded Mike of his old work of the original logo at

The group of us who made it to the Largo Botanical Gardens for a stroll though this year's lighted wonderland.

Mike's odometer hits 95,000 on the way to Dunkin Donuts!
It was too bad Dunkin Donuts closed at 10! That left us to sing Happy Birthday to Corky in the parking lot. Happy Birthday big guy!

Mike & Cos just before the SCA 'Vettes arrived

Mike & Gabby led the way.

June & Jerry.

Bob & Susan.


Ed & Felice.

Bob & Liz.

Bill & Sue.

Roy & Roxanne ... in their new ride!

Jack & Linda.

Corky & Julie.