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Cape Coral Corvette Show

A clean Black 'Vette. Ain't nothin' better!

A real nice '56.

Add two fender stripes and you would have a C5 Grand Sport.

C3 Big Block.

C6 427 Z06, NICE!

Clean C2 coupe.

Did Tom & Kathy actually ride home with the top down?

 Drop a big Block in it and you would have my first Corvette.

Dual Quad '56 'Vette. Oh YES!

Host club, Corvettes On the Gulf's 'Vettes all lined up and showing off their stuff too!

One hot '67!

I guess he wants us to know it is an Anniversary 'Vette.

I like Jake.

Is that Tom fast asleep?

Jack & Linda's fine ride.

Jack & Linda's ride from a lower angle.

Linda in the car staying warm. Hi!

Lined up and ready for inspection.

Well, to each his own, they say.

Real nice '61.

This may be just a little over the top.

Tom & Jack representing SCA!

Tom & Kathy's new Pace Car.

Tom enjoying the sun it only last about an hour.

Wow! Jack says, 'I wish this was mine.'