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NCRS Show & Swap-Meet '10

We're on our way to Old Town once again.

Once were arrived and got settled, we hit Downtown Disney.


Now that's pretty.




Wow, what a 'cool' restaurant here at T Rex! The entire restaurant has a prehistoric theme and everything is animatronic.

The Lego store is one of our favorites.

Here's a GIANT 10 ft. Transformer that towers in front of the store.


This is one of the aquariums at the Rainforest Cafe. Same as the T Rex, all animatronic. Likely, the same owners.

Rrrr! These creepy dead pirates just hanging out to scare ye ole guests.

Rrrr. Oh wait, that's Gabby. She would NEVER try to scare you. And even if she could, it just wouldn't work.

Now she looks like Indiana Jones.

It's Saturday and show time! Check out this paint job. Oh yeah, that's sweet.


On our way to the show, we spotted Kristina & Gabby at the Golf-Golf. Hi!

We ran into Denny & Crhistine. Past members, who are considering rejoining. Yay!

Oh, this '58 is soooo inspiring. You'll see this again ...

... sometime around Labor Day weekend. I promise.

Believe it or not ... it's a '53. This was one of the first 1000 Corvettes ever produced.

VERY nice ...

... and just perfect ...

... in every ...

... possible way!

Another 'beaut.

Hey, who's that up there in her fort!

After a long day at the show, we were off for dinner. Here we are patiently waiting for looooong table at Logan's.

The wait wasn't too extreme ..

... and before we knew it, we had our table.

Mike & Kristina.

Susan & Bob.

Soon our orders were placed ...

... and we shared in great conversation about the things we learned and saw this weekend.


The food arrived and we were ready to break bread.


And on this great weekend excursion, it was also Joe's birthday weekend! As we all sang Happy Birthday to Joe!

Strolling the parking lot we bumped into this gorgeous ...

... hot rod, with another fab paint job.

Kristina & Gabby.

Corky & Jule.


Awesome! What more can we say?

The photographer captures the photographer in action.

Doubly black.

Hmmm that yellow '58 is starting to look familiar.

Say cheese!

If you desire a Corvette neon sign, this is certainly the place to get it.