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Church of the Ascension Car Show & Block Party

Over the hills and threw the woods ... err, I mean off to one of our favorite shows!

Soon after arriving it was time to fight the pollen. And we fought fierce ... and often! I think we lost.

Ah. And yes, with pollen comes GIANT Oak trees of shade. Yay!

Ray & Eliane's fine ZR1.


The SCA once again came out strong for this 7th show. And only once we were beaten by another club. Great job!

Ooh. I love it!


The Blue Demon makes a rare appearence. Usually do darn dirty to go out in public showing. Looks great on the Howard Franklin, but not at shows.



Shannon's .. need we say more?



Why do they always give the prime parking to the dumpsters? At least that's what Roy always asked!



There are always many fine hot rods and cruisers at this fantastic show.

Got purple?
























Got chrome?

Got leg room?




Got HSP?

Gabby poses with Mom & Dad's trophy!

SCA Members are big winners again this year! The SCA takes Club Participation for the 6th time!
Individual winners were, Ray & Elanie, Tom & Kathy, Mike & Shannon, Ed & Felice and John & Madonna.
Congrats to each of you!