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Annual Memorial Day SCA Picnic & Club Photo Shoot

Alright everyone! It's like this, see?

Movin' all our 'beautes into just the right place...

... is a lot of work. Right ladies?

Say, who's that guy with Kristina?


Shannon takes charge.


Mike get's everyone to work in synchronicity.


Ahh ... just like the director envisioned.

Time to party!


Much food, laughter and smiles, as planned.






Now, that's the life!






That says it all. Salute!

Nice work!

And the grand prize goes to Millie!

Roland, command of the horseshoes like nobody's business.

Ernie has pretty good form, for a guy who hadn't thrown a horseshoe in 30 years.

See? Trump that point.

Eli's leaner is a great shot.

But this IS the goal, Eli.

Ernie 'Entrepreneurial' Zager and his next venture. '53 lights for our most recent exposed headlights 'Vette design.