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... more SCA Halloween Party 2005

Ed contributed these photos. Thanks Ed!
June, Barb, Rick & Jerry.

Vicki, Bernie, Lucy, Phyllis, Carol & George.

Dennis, Pat, Kathy, Tom, Larry & Joyce.

Jim & Vicki.

Phyllis, Karen, Dave, Dave, Sally & Carolyn.

Cassandra, Luis, Sid, ReneƩ & Alison.

Goldie, Jeff, Mike & Ciss.

Georgia, Shannon & Mike.

Smooth moves on the dance floor.



Leeba & Ed.

Larry & Leeba doing the groove.


She got big butt!

Dave Hartman takes Best Overall!

And lastly, Worst Attempt goes to ...Walt & Cathy!

Walt offered us all a unique, custom-made '78 chocolate treat.


Thank you Walt & Cathy, that was scrumptious!

The last dance, Vera & her former pupil.