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SCA Halloween Party 2010

This year's SCA Halloween Party was a true monster mash.

The ghosts, goblins and wenches were out in full swing.

Thanks to Bob & Nancy, the accommodations were a fantastic!

Susan looks too comfortable in her evening attire.

Laura, our resident groupie.

Roland & Mike looking over the premlimnary photograph, no doubt.

Great room for a ghoulish party.

George & Carol.

That just looks like trouble brewing.


Bob looks authentic.

Cis & Mike look authentic, too!

Super decorations everywhere.



All stacked up and ready to party!

Shannon, Susan and Mike

George looks like he's about to put the whammy on someone.

Mike, Cis & Georgia.

Anita & John.

Ray looks so authentic, he should have gotten a costume for the party.

Anita was just dangelish!

Time for the food!

Roland, stop showing off, and let's eat!

Sue, Don & Gabby made sure there was plenty of good food.

Bob knows good vittles when he sees them.


Time to get down to dancing with the band!

Dance you bunch of monsters! Dance!

The good Dr. Harry and Eddie the Greaser.




Kristina the 'bad' witch and Reno 911 (Matt just looks too cozy in those short-shorts) start the line.


Kathy floats on by.

Carol ... what is she anyway?

Lookout, Georgia got out her pom poms!

Quasi, otherwise known as Milton & Esmeralda, I mean Gisela hit the floor.

Harry & Lynn get into it.

Ray & Elanie.

John (in true form) & Anita.

Bob & Nancy. Bob looks like he's ready for a siesta.

Now THAT is harry!

Bill seems to look pretty comfortable dressed in 'Drac.' And that worries me.

It just can't be good when Flashdance, The Whiz & Devil's Servant get to dancing.

Roland, Gisela, Milton & Mike ... ALL need something to do.

Harry & Lnn, the 'good' witch.

Liz and her crystal ball powers.

Bob just looks patient.