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SCA Christmas Party 2010

Setting sail for a 3 hour cruise ... hey wait just a minute! Can't we talk this over? This didn't turn out so well for Gilligan, Skipper and the rest!

Matt & Kristina ... the newly weds to be.

Shannon all smiles.

The cabin was well decorated for the festive holiday season

The meals were superb.

The dancing was fantastic ...

... with the moves ...

... and the grooves!


The ladies of the SCA ...

... really showed everyone ...

... how to shake ...

... rattle ...

... and roll!

What an absolutely perfect night for a cruise.






And the winners were Liz & Bob ...

... Bob & Nancy ...

... and John & Madonna!

Ray & Elaine and Bob.

Bill and Susan.

Liz, Millie & Ernie.

Roxann, Mike & Cis.

Georgia & Roland and Roy.

Linda, Linda & Ron.

Ken & Cherie and Bob.

John, Jerry and Bill.

Sue, June and Madonna.

Mike & Shannon.

Matt & Kristina.

Time for more dancing. Show us how it's done Ray!







Bill gives his approval.





George & Carol.