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Annual Memorial Day SCA Picnic

The SCA is coming ... the SCA is coming!


Saying hi and getting settled in.

Congratulations to Charles, Kristi on the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Delaney!

Delaney, is our newest SCA Member.

Let the festivities begin.

The girls were out having a bubbling-good time.

Here's Ashley giving it a go.

Eli ... fish'n fer gat'r.

Steve, Sandy & Barb enjoying the swing.

Charles, Kristi & Delaney are all smiles.

Looks like Dave was wondering where the food is.

The party continues.

George, Bill & Paul talking about ... UFOs?

Steve, Barb, Rick & George.

Now, say cheese.

You just can't go to an SCA Picnic ... without our furry friends.

All lined up and sparkling.


Fun could be found everywhere.

Look, a 'Vette impostor!

Charles, Larry & Joyce.

Let the food line begin.

Rich has an assertive look about him.

Roy & Ed enjoyed the variety of K.E.G. Foodservice (727.710.0378) selections

The line kept going.



Bill & Ronnie ... no holds barred!

Rich, Ruth & their kids enjoying the delectable delights.

When's the line going to end!?

After all that delicious food, I'm not really sure which I want more?