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... more Church of the Ascension Car Show & Block

Let the show & shade begin!

Mike & Shannon's '08.
Wow, can it be? Is it really that shiny? Amazing Mike got it all cleaned up! JAKE is as clean as its ever been!

George & Carol's fine '87.

John & Madonna's '74.

Joe got out the Caddy for this open car extravaganza and was still able to register under the SCA.




Bill & Sue arrive in their '04.

Ernie & Millie's '06.


Bob B. & Liz's '95.
Bob M. & Bill share deep thought.

Bob M. & Nancy's sweet '02 ZO6.





What the?


An absolutely beautiful piece of architecture.

Time for the kids to bouncey bounce!

Shade and swap. Perfect!




Where's Eli when you need him?

Sue sews.

Sue sews socks!

Fine rides are found ...

... at every ...

... turn!


I thought I smelled something whacky!

Relax, it's just Larry being Larry. He wins People's Choice. Go figure! I guess they voted to legalize it!?

Got red?




And the SCA Winners are? Last photo says? ...

Larry begins the awards ceremony.

Ed waits in anticipation. He cleaned his wheels. What do you expect?

Bill & Sue claim their prize!

John ... another trophy winner!

Ed ... YES!!

Joe takes his first trophy with the Caddy. Congrats!

Bob & Liz take home the golden one!

Eli accepts a trophy for the collection of blink proudly displayed at his new pad!

Carol & George do it again!

Bob & Nancy walk away victorious!

... and the SCA Winners are? ALL of'em!