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FCRC Test & Tune Autocross - Hernando County Airpo

Lots of cars

Lots of room

Bob's C4 waiting patiently

Debbie Obst's C3 off the trailer and ready to go

Arlene getting her C6 ready to go

C5 ready to go

Timing equipment ready to go

Peanut Gallery ready to go

Chillen while the course is getting ready to go

Still chillen while the course is laid out.

We're parked down there - about 2 miles!

Think this guy has done this before?

And a few sheet metal cars as well.








First a parade lap to learn the course.

Now that's an open course, especially for a Corvette!

Debbie from BACC - Helmet's on - Ready to Ride

Green means GO

So she went!




First to the right of the cones

Then to the left of the cones


Then down the strip and through set of gates



Done with the stuff at the other end and coming back --- FAST


Offset gates and a small slalom dont' even slow her down

50 mph max my foot! 



Don't worry - Lots of coast down room (it's an airport, remember!)

From another viewing location.








And through the finish line!