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SCA Christmas Party 2005

The Elks Lodge welcomed us back with open arms ... and plenty of drinks, lead by our bartender, Jeanette!

The food was excellent ...

... and so were our SCA Members!


How'bout all those gifts!


Georgia seen looking fine!

The dance floor was hoping ...

... to Y.M.C.A.!

Go Georgia!


Ken & Cherie ...

... show how it's done!



Ed can twist, don't let him tell you otherwise!


Great smiles were everywhere.



Bill & Ronnie.



The desserts were then delivered ... and well received.



After the first wave of dancing, it was time for the gift exchange.




Larry looks like he thinks he's getting away with something.



Jerry was given orders what to swipe ...

... and there he goes.

And Sonja was up to the same ...

... sneaky business!


Ed was the winner (or is that looser?), he was stolen from the most.


The gift exchange was another blast of good fun!






The stealing just wouldn't end.


Georgia got the last gift.

Milton & Georgia crafting up the surprise ...