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SCA Halloween Party 2011

We partied once again at Bob & Nancy M's clubhouse. What a cool private party! Thanks Bob & Nancy!

And Liz was willing to play Halloween Decor Expert for us. Thanks Liz!

Sue & Bill ... oh my!

Bob & Nancy.

Ed & Felice.

Bob & Liz.


Milton & Gisela ...

... and friends.

George & Carol.

Cis & Mike.

Tom & Kathy.

Matt & Kristina.

Eli & Samantha.

Don & Sue.

Bob & Linda.

John & Anita.

Bob & Susan.

Liz's touch was everywhere!


Time to eat!

Georgia is all smiles.

Time to Monster Mash.

Who are our best costumes?

Only time will tell.


Is it cccccold in here? It certainly was in the northeast, where it SNOWED many inches!!

And the winners are ...

Bob & LInda (Dr. & Patient) - Honorable Mention

Elaine & Ray (Roman Slayer) - Honorable Mention

Gisela & Milton (Red Ridinghood & Werewolf) - Best Costume

Carol & George (Movies' fav. Popcorn & Hot Butter) - Best Creative Costume

All the winners.

SCA Halloween Party 2011!

Cis & Georgia.

Get'n down time!

Cut that rug!

Easy-goers ...
Cis, Mike, Bob & Georgia.

Nancy, Felice & Elaine's sister.

Ed, Tom & George look like they're settling a score. Especially with that bottle in front of them.

Bob & Ray.

Time for more rug cutting. This time with the stroll. 70's style and then 50's style.

Georgia show's how the 70's style works.



Time for wacky golf.

Carol's got form.

But ultimately, Mike won.

Ed takes over where Mike leaves off.

It's trivia time!
So, how many adult-size pirates CAN FIT in the passenger seat of a Corvette?