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Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

One more time we participated in Troop 417's Annual Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser. We also voted to donate two Summer Camp Scholarships at the January SCA Meeting. Two boys who would not normally be able to participate in the troop's annual summer camp activities will now be able to do so, thanks to the SCA!

Joe Fritz (Troop 417 Scoutmaster, known by all the boys as Mr. Joe) expressed the troop's appreciation for the SCA's thoughtfulness. He indicated there were definitely boys who would be able to fulfill the club's wishes.

Let's eat!!

Dave & Phyllis just can't miss joining the SCA on this special night.



Ed & Felice are all smiles. Ed, are you hungry for some spaghetti!?


Samantha (Eli's gal) & Gabby.

Bob & Nancy brought the family!





Look! If anyone may have consumed a tad too much pasta & tomato sauce (Ed?, George?), could comfortably take a siesta! I think the troop knows us pretty well, don't you?

Shhh. I think I hear a bear in there 'sawing wood,' as we speak!







Bob & Liz were happy to be able to make it. After an emergency stop by dad's to help with his freezer!



And spaghetti dinner just wouldn't be complete without a photo of George sharing in his affinity of pasta ... and good people!